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Types of Fear Free Visits

We are committed to your pet's mental and emotional well-being!  We offer a wide range of visits to help pets whp are fearful at the vet feel more comfortable.   Whether you're visiting us for the first time or have been with us with years.  These visits can be helpful in many situations.  Please take a moment to learn more and of course, contact us with any questions!

Happy Visits

Many dogs associate vet visits with scary things and become fearful.  In many cases, Happy Visits can help this! At a happy visit, NO scary things happen, only things your dog loves such as treats, toys, and games! These visits can go a long way towards building trust, preventing veterinary fear, and counter-acting mild fear. Happy visits are free and take about 10 minutes. Staff members will greet your pup (if he/she wants to be greeted), offer some treats, toys, or a Kong and provide you with some treats if needed and show you to an area where you and your pup can spend a few minutes.

              Cost: Free!



Meet and Greet/Fear Free Exam

These visits are for patients who need a “slow approach” and benefit from more “face time” with their veterinarian to feel comfortable enough for an exam. During a fear free “meet and greet” visit you will have 30-60 minutes of time in the office (or as long as your dog is comfortable with, some pups need shorter visits) with a technician and a veterinarian. This lengthy visit provides your dog plenty of time to get to know the staff before proceeding with any handling. We will spend that time relaxing with you and your dog, getting a thorough behavioral history, making friends with, and assessing your pup. If your dog is ready your vet will perform an exam, if your dog is too nervous the rest of the visit will be spent collaborating and designing a personalized behavioral plan.

              Cost: Range based on time, approximately $60-70+


Comfort Conditioning Sessions (CCS)

Comfort Conditioning Sessions (CCS) are for those dogs who need a little more intervention than a Happy Visit is able to provide. During these sessions, you will have dedicated face time with a Fear Free Certified technician who will implement techniques designed to reduce fear, build trust, and gauge progress. Basic handling exercises may be practiced as well, such as conditioning for easy procedures such as vaccines. Detailed notes are kept following each visit, observing progress and updating the behavioral plan as needed. These sessions run 15-20 minutes and cost $20, the initial CCS consult is 40 minutes and costs $45. For mild to moderately fearful dogs a series of CCS visits will often result in a decrease in fear and the ability to be examined and handled.

              Cost: Initial Consult $45. Follow-up Sessions: $20 per visit



Cooperative Veterinary Care Sessions (CVCS)

Cooperative care visits are for those dogs who are severely fearful or aggressive at the vet, or dogs who have tried medications, happy visits, or comfort conditioning sessions but have not been successful.  During these 30minute sessions, you will spend time with a Fear Free Certified doctor or technician working on a customized training plan specifically for your dog. Using advanced behavior modification and handling methods we will help your dog reduce their fear and meet their veterinary goals! CVC’s aim to TEACH your dog to be fully engaged and willing participants of their own care! Your pup will be taught training patterns for veterinary procedures such as exams, vaccines and blood draws.

              Cost: Initial Consult $70. Follow-up Sessions: $35 per visit