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What to Expect

pet hospitalFreeport Veterinary Hospital is committed to a Fear Free approach to medical care. Our entire staff is trained to recognize signs of fear, anxiety, and stress in patients and we have protocols in place to ensure your pet’s experience is the best we can make it. We believe that better medical care is the direct result of a relationship of respect and trust with your pet. Each step of your pet’s visit is carefully orchestrated to make their experience the best one possible.  

Preparing for your Visit:

  • Take your dog for a nice long walk (provided they are feeling up to it) to expend that extra energy. This can reduce the anxiety associated with visits.
  • Skip breakfast or feed less than usual so your pet is as excited as possible for the treats we will offer during the visit.
  • If you haven’t visited us in a while, please fill out our Pre-Visit Questionnaire so we can better prepare for your pet’s visit. 
  • New client? Please fill out our new patient and new client form online prior to your pet's visit.

During your Visit


  • When you arrive at our clinic, you will be greeted by one of our Client Care Specialists. If your pet prefers, they can wait in the car or outside rather than our lobby; however, we strive to get you and your pet settled in an exam room within a few minutes of arrival. Your pet will be provided with a bandana or carrier cover sprayed with a species-specific pheromone (Adaptil or Feliway) that will help them to feel more calm and secure during their visit. We also use these pheromones throughout our practice to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients.

Exam Room

  • Prior to your appointment, one of our team members will have reviewed your previous records and pre-visit questionnaire so we can better prepare for your appointment by determining the best exam room and supplies for your visit including food preferences, white noise machines, blankets, etc.
  • Once you’re settled in an exam room, one of our veterinary technicians or assistants will take a detailed history regarding the reason for your visit as well as any changes in behavior or lifestyle since we last saw you. The technician will check your pet’s vital signs and offer a tasty treat or food puzzle.
  • Our veterinarians will review the history with your technician and perform a full physical examination. We work with your pet to determine the most comfortable manner to exam them whether that’s on the table, in your arms or even in our backyard in some cases. We use a variety of foods to encourage a positive experience. Please let us know if your pet has any food sensitivities.
  • The same care and attention paid to the exam will be applied to any diagnostics or treatment to be performed. At each step of your visit, we review your pet’s level of fear, anxiety, and stress and adjust our approach based on changes observed.
  • Any treatments that need to be performed will be done in the exam room with you present unless there is a significant medical need to move to the treatment room. In those cases, we will do everything we can to keep you with your pet.
  • Special accommodations are made for extremely anxious or fearful pets that need sedation or surgery. Please ask us about these services if you feel your dog might benefit.


  • Our mission to minimize fear, anxiety extends to the check-out process as well. We are equipped to perform our entire check out process in the room if needed. If you elect to come to the lobby, we have a separate check out desk and exit to reduce the chance of encounters with other pets that could prove to be stressful.

We view each visit with you and your pet as an opportunity to learn more about you and your pet and improve care for the future. If you feel anything about your visit could be improved, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We love feedback!

Learn more about our Preventative Care Plans for your dog or your cat.