XUPDATE:We are open and here for you! It’s been a long year and we’re excited to announce that we are beginning a gradual reopening to the public!Read more here.
Open: Mon, Wed, Fri: 8AM - 5PM,
Tue & Thur: 8AM - 6PM
Sat & Sun: CLOSED
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Bella Testimonial

“I liked the concern for my dog’s anxiety about being there. The kerchief sprayed with something to calm her and distracting her with a fluff-filled bone while she had a blood draw and a shot made a real difference for her. Thank you! ”


Mimsy Testimonial

“The staff is awesome. They display genuine interest in our cats. Their care helps put our pets at ease. ”

—Shirley and Bob

Micco Testimonial

“What great staff! ”


Gandalf Testimonial

“We love the staff. Always on time and work quickly. Take very good care of both our cats. Would highly recommend to everyone! ”


Flour Testimonial

“Everything about the check-up was great - always comforting to know your pets are being treated by caring folks who loves animals as much as you. ”


Rocco Testimonial

“We are very happy here. We have been bringing our dogs there for years. ”


Hunter Testimonial

“Hunter felt much safer with the addition of the Mitten Box in his exam room. The staff is always very kind and gentle with him and he leaves feeling much calmer than when he arrived (he doesn't like travel). ”


Theo Testimonial

“It was great they are amazing people there that will make sure your fur babies are healthy. I'll will be going my other phone and 2 kittens in the next month! ”


Kelsea & Mynx Testimonial

“I truly appreciate the TLC given to my "babies" Kelsea and Mynx. Everyone there gives them so much affection! I have total confidence that they'll get the best care ever, as have my pets in the past! ”


Cash Testimonial

“ I LOVE FVH! You are so patient with my anxious pup and we are so grateful to have you in our neighborhood!”


Crispin Testimonial

“Crispin was a little more difficult than expected but because of caring, knowledgeable drs and staff they were able to get Crispin through his crisis. They were very kind and comforting to Mom too. Thank you ”


Stanley Testimonial

“I love you guys! And I love how awesome everyone is, and so loving to my cat! With the exception of his claws being trimmed, my anxious cat seems pretty happy when he’s there. I think he’s starting to like the extra attention haha! I love the room with the windows, and my friends who don’t have windows at their vets get jealous when I tell them about our visits ;)”


Ida Mae Testimonial

“We have a happy cat! And she has family better able to care for her. That's huge! She had been viewed by previous practitioners as "simply a house cat" not needing protection from things in the wild. We needed a practice that speaks cat. We thank you for a fear free and information filled visit.”


Annie Testimonial

“My pets are treating better than my doctor treats me! Great job everyone. You are the best! ”


Callie Testimonial

“great office all the way around. ”


Ruby Testimonal

“ Ruby, enjoyed meeting Dr. Radding and her staff. She really loved the treats! ”


Testimonial 4

“You ladies are really the best! Your kindness, knowledge and compassion are a invaluable to all pet owners. I am thankful everyday for the tools you have given me to calm and encourage my dog to love her vet visits. ”

—Jessica S.

Testimonial 3

“My cat Grace had been injured and I was extremely pleased when I called to have her examined I was greet by lovely folks. Who made an appointment immediately. Dr.Cote and the vet tech were amazing, taking extra special care of Gracie!! Thank You All!”

—Elizabeth B.

Testimonial 2

“I love this vet! It's not that it's 5 mins from my house, we are lucky to have found such a wonderful place to bring our fur family. I love just bring the fur kids for a visit because They always get the love they deserve <3 ”

—Noella K.

Testimonial 1

“We have been so impressed by the quality and kindness of care we have recieved by everyone at Freeport Vet. The doctors, technicians and front desk people have been professional, compassionate, helpful and responsive. They clearly love their patients”

—Kerry M