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Testimonial 1

“We have been so impressed by the quality and kindness of care we have recieved by everyone at Freeport Vet. The doctors, technicians and front desk people have been professional, compassionate, helpful and responsive. They clearly love their patients”

—Kerry M

Testimonial 2

“I love this vet! It's not that it's 5 mins from my house, we are lucky to have found such a wonderful place to bring our fur family. I love just bring the fur kids for a visit because They always get the love they deserve <3 ”

—Noella K.

Testimonial 3

“My cat Grace had been injured and I was extremely pleased when I called to have her examined I was greet by lovely folks. Who made an appointment immediately. Dr.Cote and the vet tech were amazing, taking extra special care of Gracie!! Thank You All!”

—Elizabeth B.

Testimonial 4

“You ladies are really the best! Your kindness, knowledge and compassion are a invaluable to all pet owners. I am thankful everyday for the tools you have given me to calm and encourage my dog to love her vet visits. ”

—Jessica S.