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Careers at Freeport Vet

Careers at Freeport Vet

Freeport Veterinary Hospital is seeking a kind and focused individual who is committed to Fear Free veterinary care as part of a tightly-knit, family-like team. Enjoy a work environment committed to humor, teamwork, and clear, consistent communication. In this field you often spend more time with your coworkers than you do your family, don’t you want to find a work family that cares about you as much as your real one?

Successful candidates will fulfill the duties of a veterinary assistant or technician. We are looking to fill 1-2 full-time positions to meet the growing demand for a gentler, more compassionate form of veterinary medicine. Full-time positions enjoy a 4-day work week and every other weekend off to enjoy our beautiful state. Licensed technicians and those with positive reinforcement training certifications and experience are a great bonus!

Assistant/Tech Level 1

  • Obtain vital signs
  • Obtain patient history
  • Obtain urine and fecal samples
  • Basic restraint/animal handling
  • Nail trims
  • Familiar with all FT and HW preventions
  • Answer phones
  • Make appointments
  • Ability to assist with radiographs
  • Know and understand vaccines and vaccine protocols
  • Clean/medicate ears
  • Prepare/package lab samples
  • Administer SQ injections and fluids
  • Fill prescriptions
  • Obtain Fear Free Level 1 Certification - Understands basic animal body language
  • 2 hrs CE/year

Assistant/Tech Level 2

  • Draw blood from all sites comfortably
  • Place IV catheters
  • Remove sutures/staples
  • Triage emergencies
  • Read urine sediment accurately
  • Able to perform differential for CBC
  • Competency with medical calculations
  • Level 1 CSR Knowledge
  • Able to email records and radiographs
  • Knowledge of all client education topics
  • Able to obtain accurate blood pressure readings with doppler or oscillometric
  • Explain PVPs and why we use them
  • Able to perform dental charting and cleaning
  • Obtain Fear Free Level 2 Certification
  • 4 hrs CE/year


Assistant/Tech Level 3 

  • Able to induce and monitor anesthesia
  • Able to perform dental charting and cleaning
  • Obtain ECG
  • Able to assist head tech to train new hire
  • Competency in obtaining proper radiographs
  • Able to perform cystocentesis
  • Able to efficiently obtain complete dental radiographs
  • Understand PVPs choices and how to use them
  • Able to apply a bandage for fore or hind limb
  • Understands basics of counter conditioning and pattern work
  • Level 2 CSR knowledge
  • 6 hrs CE/year

Assistant/Tech Level 4

  • Able to assist in surgery
  • Able to pass urinary catheter in male dog
  • Level 3 CSR knowledge
  • Extensive knowledge in CS and all hospital equipment
  • Familiar with SOPs in all departments
  • Oversight of one area of hospital (Controlled drugs, training, etc.)
  • Able to manage counter conditioning/pattern work cases
  • Able to find bladder on ultrasound
  • Minimum 5 years experience in tech field
  • 8 hrs CE/year


Additional Certifications that may warrant an increase in the pay scale

  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer
  • Certified Nutrition Coach
  • LVT Status