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Integrative Medicine

Combining Traditional Western Practices with the ancient art of Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Integrative medicine refers to an approach to treating your pet that combines traditional Western Veterinary medicine with the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine.  Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine includes acupuncture, herbal and food therapy and tui-na, a massage technique.  Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine is a holistic approach geared at correcting imbalances within the body that can lead to problems such as arthritis, allergies, stomach upset and many others.  Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine can be used independently or as an adjunctive treatment for many conditions.  Dr. Cote is certified in Acupuncture and Tui-na and has additional training in food therapy.  She attended the world-renown Chi Institute in Reddick, Florida and was trained by Dr. Xie and many other experts in the field of Traditional Chinese Veterinary medicine. 


Acupuncture involves the placement of very small needles in specific points on the body. These needles are much smaller than even those used to give vaccines and thus, cause minimal if any discomfort when they are inserted. The points used are along channels in the body that energy, also called Qi (pronounced Chee), moves along. The needles are used to help stimulate the flow of energy, support different organ systems and promote balance in the body. 

Most dogs and cats really enjoy their acupuncture treatments and studies have shown that acupuncture causes the release of the feel good chemical, serotonin. Many animals will fall asleep once their needles are in place! Acupuncture can be used to treat a variety of ailments – both acute and chronic.  Contact our office today to schedule a consult with Dr. Cote if you feel your pet would benefit from this ancient technique.

Chiropractic Care

Animal chiropractic manipulation is another option for pain management. The joints in the spine can become tight due to trauma, injury or every day wear and tear. Nerves in this area can be affected by the tension or inflammation leading to pain and reduced function. Chiropractic care focuses on returning your pet to heath by restoring normal mobility and function to joints. Medical manipulation is not just for injured or sick pets. Active and working pets are ideal candidates for chiropractic care too! Maintaining proper alignment allows for optimal function of the muscles, nerves and tissues supporting the joints, resulting in improved movement, stance and flexibility.

We work with a doctor certified in animal chiropractic care to provide this service for our patients.


Tui-na is the ancient art of massage and manipulation. It is based on the many of the same principles as acupuncture and is often used as a way to extend the effects of the acupuncture after the treatment. Tui-na is also useful for patients that do not tolerate acupuncture well or have conditions such as skin infections that make acupuncture less than ideal. Like acupuncture, tui na can be used for a variety of problems and works well with a more traditional Western approach to treatment.

Food Therapy

The foods we eat are the foundation for our health.  The energetics of the food we feed our pets can greatly affect the balance of the body and can be a huge help – or hindrance – to recovery when health is poor. Dr. Cote has attended the Food therapy certification course at the Chi Institute and is working toward certification in this area. She can help you adjust your pet’s diet to promote optimal health and well-being. Whether you prefer to use a dry commercial diet, cook your pet’s meals or fall somewhere in between, Dr. Cote will help you to find a solution that will help keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is likened to concentrated food therapy. Herbs can be very beneficial in jumpstarting recovery for many problems – both acute and chronic. Dr. Cote is continuing to improve her knowledge of herbal therapy as another approach to holistic health. Herbs can be used alone in or in conjunction with more traditional Western medications. If you feel that your pet would benefit from Herbal therapy, call and set up a consult today.

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